af Redaktionen • illustrationer/fotos Jonas Raaby Illegal 12

The Sexelance

It all started with a “Fixelance”. A mobile drug injection room created and run by an engaged civil society in the dark grey zones of the law. The Fixelance controversially provided Copenhagen’s street users with a safe space in the form of a rebuilt ambulance, with clean gear and health professionals. This project eventually helped spark a debate that in turn got the city itself to provide safe injection rooms. The Fixelance project was initiated by social entrepreneur Michael Lodberg Olsen and the organisation behind ILLEGAL Magazine, MINORITY. Following on from the Fixelance project, Lodberg Olsen and MINORITY alongside The Sexworkers Organisations is now launching a Sexelance. Where sex workers can serve customers under safer circumstances. A new rebuilt ambulance is present in the streets of Copenhagen as we write. Controversial as the project may seem, the aim is clear: safer spaces and more dignity for street minorities created through direct civil action.