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Many of us enjoy that our emotions can be stimulated by a story. Emotions commonly stirred up by a story are anger, fear, happiness and joy, amongst others. Telling and hearing stories is what connects us to each other. Things happen to us all the time, everyone has a story to tell and, as humans, we are able to draw individual perspectives and conclusions on everything using our imaginations. We are programmed to hear stories with a beginning, middle and end. We enjoy a big build up, followed by a rewarding outcome, that ties up loose ends. It is how a story is relayed and interpreted by an audience that is unique and impactful.

Before we even learned to talk, or use written word, people told stories as a way to document and shape the past, present and future of our existence. A story can teach you what and not what to do. It can document the trials and errors of society, passing on val- ues to future generations. We create stories to produce some sort of meaning and purpose in the chaos that is human life and to give us the feeling that we are leaving our mark on the world. We create stories for understanding. This is why we need storytellers. As well as to educate us, they serve to entertain us. They are what keeps us sane, make us human and realise we’re not alone.

Welcome to ILLEGAL! UK 1st Edition.