ILLEGAL Magazine #5 release

Michael Lodberg Olsen
- a guide to more enjoyable and safer drug use


Limited Works Gallery
Blågårdsgade 17
2200 Copenhagen N

5.30 to 9 pm Nov. 13

Jaguar Shoes Basement Gallery
32-34 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DA

7 to 10 pm Nov 13.

We are also releasing 4 unique posters with the artwork of the artists represented in this edition of the magazine. Only i DK - prise 100 kr at the release (after 200 kr.)

Remember coins for ILLEGAL Magazine 40 kr. // 3.5 £

This issue contains a guide to safer, more enjoyable drug use. The guide contains advice for cannabis, cocaine, alcohol, MDMA as well as new and unknown or less known drugs.
The guide is based on the most comprehensive research project so far concerning people’s drug habits. The study was carried out by Global Drug Survey, with 80,000 respondents, and resulted in the largest collection of data yet.

Throughout the guide, great artists from different parts of the world provide an abstract counterpart to the very concrete and down-to-earth advice. The images are visual universes that can inspire new thoughts on the topic of drugs – in our culture and our lives. The five artists are

Stathis Tsemberlidis (GR)

Jan S. Hansen (DK)

Roger Ballen (ZA)

Zven Balslev (DK)

Fryd Frydendahl (DK)

See you there ....